September Senior Pictures!

August 17, 2015

It’s never too late to get your senior pics taken in time for the yearbook deadline. And September has perfect weather!  I’m offering my most popular products at a special price for September shoots only!  Call now to book your session!  508.335.2369

Senior Picture Package for Plymouth, Bourne, Wareham, Sandwich

“Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting.”
― Richard Paul Evans, The Gift

“Let’s just watch the sunset” – Me, in the middle of a photo shoot.

I have an obsession with sunsets (and sunrises, too, when I manage to get up early enough) at the beach on Cape Cod.  I love to photograph them (what photographer doesn’t, though?), and I love to photograph people IN them. As a Cape Cod Beach Photographer here on Cape Cod, and in Wareham, Plymouth, and the South Coast, I have been photographing family portraits and high school senior portraits on the beach for almost 16 years now.
My most popular session for high school seniors is the ‘Sunrise/Sunset’ session. And when I photograph a family at the beach, it’s at sunset.  But why? Well the beach is usually less crowded, and the light is much more flattering to people.
Every sunset at the beach is different, some more spectacular than others, but everyone is a gift.  The best and most colorful sunsets have clouds in them, and the best sunsets usually come after a rainstorm.

So what’s a photo shoot at sunset like?  Well, the colors make a spectacular background, don’t they?  And I love when there’s clouds – they pick up the color, and make the sky more interesting.sunset1

The purples, pinks, corals and blues are my favorite – I call it a ‘cotton candy’ sunset.  Colors that you won’t find in the Crayola box.  And notice how the calm water reflects the sky – sometimes it’s hard to tell where the water ends and the sky begins.  Sometimes the moon makes an appearance, too.  Fun fact:  Did you know that when there’s a full moon, the moon rises at the same time that the sun sets?Beach Photo Sessions on Cape Cod

We do some fun things during a session – run along the beach, look for sea glass and crabs, make pyramids, chase seagulls…and even a few are adventurous enough to actually get in the water. I get some ‘formal’ posing done at the beginning of the session, but as the sun goes down we keep it casual and have fun!Sunset Photo shoot on Cape Cod

I’ll even have you show me some of your best moves.  How high can YOU jump?

high school senior portraits at the beach plymouthI can photograph you with your best friend(s)…

family portrait on the beach of cape cod

And then we’ll take a few moments and just enjoy the beauty unfolding before us.Sunset portrait cape cod beachWhen was the last time you stopped to watch a sunset?

Call 508-335-2369 now to reserve your place in the sunset!

It’s graduation time for the Class of 2015! During the past year I’ve met and had the pleasure of photographing these outstanding high school seniors. I’m so excited for you all and I hope all your dreams come true! Here’s a video of your favorite (and mine) high school senior pictures!
Congratulations Class of 2015!

If you’re in the Class of 2016 and are interested in high school senior pictures with Cassandra’s Photography, click here for more information.

First time was really windy. 2nd time the weather was just too unpredictable so we postponed again. We lucked out with great weather for Jillian’s 3rd try at her photo session, and she looked stunning. She brought perfect outfits for being photographed at the beach, as well as an outfit and props to reflect her basketball and volleyball career at Franklin High School.
I also photographed Jillian’s sister Brenna’s senior portraits 2 years ago. She was a dancer and her photo is on the front of my business cards. But this day was Jillian’s day – and she certainly shined! I loved photographing her sweet smile. Thank you for coming down to Cape Cod again!

2-for-1 Senior Pictures!

June 19, 2014

2-for-1 Senior Pictures!

Maybe the beach and Cape Cod is a long ride from your house, but you really really want your senior pictures at the beach, and you don’t want to go by yourself.  Maybe you’re on a budget and want to save some money.  Maybe you’re nervous about having your picture taken and having your BFF there will make it easy.  Maybe you do just about everything with your best friend, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your teammates, your twin, or your cousin.  I have the perfect solution for you!  Share the Ride, Share the Session – Share the Fun!  Split the session fee for your senior pictures ($25 each until July 15, $50 each after July 15), and you also get a free 5×7 of the 2 of you!   Get your senior pics taken at the beach, or in a park.  Do you have more than one BFF?  Triplets?  Group rates also available!  Get together a group of 3 or more – pay just $25 each for the session – and each of you will also get a free 5×7 of your group!

Senior Pictures at the beach or a Park

This was a fun session! Emma spends the summer in Falmouth so we went to New Silver Beach (near her summer home) for her senior portraits. I love going to new places and finding new and exciting inspiration.  It was a bit windy but Emma had the perfect ‘wind-blown hair’ look!  Isn’t there always a fan blowing on model shoots?

A couple of days after her session, Emma went to Spain with her local church youth group. Such a great opportunity! I hope you had a blast, Emma!

Bailey came down from Walpole for her senior portraits at the beach.  She goes to St. Mary’s and has to go to another photographer for the yearbook picture, but wanted really awesome photos, more than the yearbook photographer could provide, to capture her as she enters her senior year of high school.

As you can probably tell she plays soccer (Goalie!!)  for a club team – year round – outside!  Yes – soccer in the snow!  Who knew that existed?   When she’s not playing soccer for her club team or for St. Mary’s, she’s hanging out on Facebook and listening to Taylor Swift.  She plans on going to Northeastern to study business.

Here’s a few of her images. Despite the fact that it was sprinkling rain off and on, Bailey still shined!

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